Wayne State College Faculty Recital To Be Live Streamed Tuesday

WAYNE – No audience, no problem. Plan on joining a clever Faculty Tuba Recital Tuesday evening from the comfort of your own home.

According to a release from Wayne State College, Dr. Josh Calkin will present his Bach Tuba Future on Tuesday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m. The performance will be live streamed by visiting www.wsc.edu/music and selecting “Helpful Links”.

Direct link: https://www.wsc.edu/homepage/387/live_stream_events

Dr. Calkin, WSC instructor of low brass, will perform selections by composers who share the surname “Bach.” The genre of music extends from Baroque to classical to modern-day musical parodies. Shelly Armstrong, WSC staff accompanist and Jordyn Irlmeier, WSC strings instructor will join Dr. Calkin for this performance.

Repertoire demands musical interpretation and skillful technique. Cello Suite No. 2, by Johann Sebastian Bach, is a technically challenging Baroque-style dance piece from the early 1700s. Oboe Sonata, by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, is a moving classical piece requiring accomplished musical expression.

The Only Piece Ever Written for Violin and Tuba, by P.D.Q. Bach, injects a bit of whimsy into the performance. P.D.Q. Bach is said to be the forgotten son of J.S. Bach but is actually a fictional composer created by Peter Schickele. This humorous duet oddly combines the violin and tuba in a piece flaunting the musicians’ soulful sensitivity and proficient dexterity. Jan Bach’s Tuba Concerto is equally charming, requiring unique performance skills coupled with humorous implications.

For more information, contact the WSC Music Department at 402-375-7359.