Wayne Sculpture Walk, Information On Art Pieces Found On Otocast App



WAYNE – A lot of work has been put into the Wayne Sculpture Walk from the vision of the Wayne City Council, committee reviewing the art pieces, City of Wayne street crew and Wayne Area Economic Development.

Community members and those who visit Wayne have been given another opportunity to explore the town and checkout the new artwork.

Executive Director with WAED, Luke Virgil said in November of last year a ‘Call to Artists’ was put together.

“We sent out a letter nationally, we utilized some resources on Facebook, we posted it through like the Nebraska Arts Council,” said Virgil. “Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota Arts Councils just to try and spread the word. And we got a really diverse application pool.”

Roughly 17 different artists submitted around 30 art pieces.

After the committee reviewed the art, the top 10 were selected. Virgil added the art sculptures are scattered starting from the old Reilly’s lot at 113 South Main.

“Then Godfather’s, then up past State Nebraska Bank (& Trust), F&M Bank, the churches here along Main Street,” Virgil added. “Then there’s a couple of pieces where you’ve got stuff in front of City Hall and the library.”

If you download the app ‘Otocast’ on your smartphone, the Wayne Sculpture Walk will offer information on each art piece.

The original contract stated the art pieces would be delivered in April before revealing the Wayne Sculpture Walk in May.

“It took a lot more time than we anticipated to find the specific locations, to work with the state on right-of-way issues,” Virgil mentioned. “City Street crew did a phenomenal job of helping get those locations. I think Mike Fluent and Jill Brodersen were the two that really went around and made sure to find some good locations.”

The final piece was installed in early June as the contract will be in place through April 2022 and there is interest in having another Sculpture Walk. Each of the art pieces are for sale and you can contact the Wayne Area Economic Development office at 402-375-2240 for more information.

Through the 2019 budget cycle, the City of Wayne approved a $30,000 allocation for public art which allowed David Lowenstein to create the illuminated city mural on the northside of the Majestic Theatre. Then, for the 2020 budget going into 2021 more public art funds were set aside with $20,000 being budgeted.

For those visiting Wayne or coming back to college, Virgil said to park downtown and walk around the Wayne Sculpture Walk.

“Most kids they have a smartphone of some capacity, so just download the app,” said Virgil. “It will tell you all about it and it’ll give you a beacon of where everything is so you know that you’re in the right vicinity. You can see right on the app which artwork you’re looking at.”

The original Mike Fluent piece that was selected was in display in Norfolk for the 2020 cycle and did sell. Fluent had another piece of art that was submitted and was installed in front of City Hall.