Wayne School Board Meets In Person, Policies Updated

WAYNE – For the past few months, board of education members have met remotely through zoom but earlier this week that came to an end with a socially-distanced in-person meeting.

The regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting was held in the commons of the elementary school where everyone was spread out.

Dr. Lenihan, who has been working at the office, said the doors are locked but everyone is there keeping their distance away from each other.

“We’ve been keeping things going,” said Dr. Lenihan. “I think we’re been talking about electronic meetings and Zoom meetings and all that. That’s kind of a lot of what has been happening to keep the ball rolling. We had our board meeting Monday face-to-face for the first time since March.”

Dr. Lenihan stated it was a typical June meeting about policy updates as Judy Pohlman, Director of Food Service/Wellness Committee updated the board.

“We received a bronze award from the state because our Wellness committee has done a lot of good things to improve wellness at our school district,” Dr. Lenihan added. “Judy has been working a lot this summer with food service. So, the board got a chance to thank her for the work she’s been doing, extending that summer food program.”

The school put in an application which covered the month of June for the summer food program that’ll end on Thursday, June 25. Between 210 – 250 kids are being served as the district, who doesn’t run a typical summer program, was making a decision every two weeks.

Second reading of handbooks were also approved.

Board members then approved a bid from Jason Jorgensen for $8,450 which includes concrete, rebar and disposal.

“We are going to do some repair in our west parking lot,” Dr. Lenihan mentioned. “There’s a couple areas that need to be fixed. One by a drain that is kind of giving away and then a couple other areas that just need to be patched so it’s a smooth surface.”

Other new business items saw Dean Foods out of LeMars, Iowa being awarded the milk bid, the district updated a five-year contract with Pepsi for their beverage vending and concessions and there’ll be no increase on school meal prices for the 2020-21 school year

Substitute teacher rates also increased by $5 to $120 a day.

“One thing with the COVID pandemic, when we do come back, we think substitute teachers are going to be maybe asked to come and work more,” said Dr. Lenihan. “If people aren’t able to be at work or if for whatever reason someone needs to be quarantined at home.”

The rates are competitive with other area schools and anyone with a college degree is eligible to get a local area teaching endorsement. The amount of days a person can sub per year is restricted.

The board also discussed what school would look like. Staff with Wayne Community Schools will continue to look over their options as they plan to begin school on their regular date of Thursday, August 13. Once the updated July Directed Health Measures are posted, the school will adjust their schedule as need be.

Prom has also been officially canceled but graduation is on for August 1 from the Willow Bowl at 10 a.m.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, July 13 at 5 p.m.