Wayne School Board Accepts Resignation Of Dennis Dolliver

WAYNE – The Wayne School Board has officially accepted the resignation of Junior High Principal and Athletic Director Dennis Dolliver.

Dolliver served in his roll since the fall of 2017, and served as the Norfolk High Athletic Director from 1998-2016 prior to taking his positions in Wayne. Since his resignation came in the middle of the school year, Dolliver’s duties are being shared amongst the staff at Wayne, and the search is currently underway for an ideal candidate to take over the position next school year.

“We posted the position for next fall, and so we will also begin moving forward with the process of selecting candidates and bringing them in for interviews,” Wayne Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan said. “As soon as we get through that process we’ll have a recommendation to bring forward to the school board.”

“We’re looking for a person that has experience with junior high students, it could be teaching or coaching or anything along those lines, and certainly in terms of athletics someone who has experience with high school and junior high athletic programs,” Lenihan said.
Due to the sudden resignation of Dolliver, Lenihan says communication with parents has been key, and the Wayne School Board intends to keep parents up to date as the search begins to fill Dolliver’s roles.

“We’ve sent letters home updating parents in terms of responsibilities,” Lenihan said. “Parents have been calling if they have questions, or we run in to them at events, so I think we have a good open line of communication with parents, and all of our administrators try and get back to people quickly whether by phone call or email.”