Wayne Public Library To Purchase Tablets With Support From Wayne Area Legacy Fund

WAYNE – Friday morning Chamber was held at the Wayne Public Library on April 8 where members of the Wayne Area Legacy Fund presented a check.

Legacy Fund Committee member, Eric Knutson also serves as a member of the Library Foundation Board and brought information about the Legacy Fund application to Library Director Heather Headley.

Headley said some other grants didn’t come through.

“He told us where to go find the application online,” said Headley. “So, we basically just did exactly what we did for that other grant accept for we submitted it to the Legacy Fund. Originally, our goal was to basically double our tablet collection.”

The $1,200 will assist with half of the goal set by the library who currently have 15 tablets. Eight new tablets will be added for use.

A library specific company, “Reading Academy” is a resource only available to libraries.

“So, the Reading Academy is a set of tablets that is set into levels to just help your child grow in your reading skills,” Headley added. “It’s 100% aimed at building your reading habits.”

For those who have a Wayne Public Library card, you can check out these tablets for up to one week and they are even good for the kids in the car when traveling. Each tablet comes with a power cord and are a self-contained unit. To receive a card, they’re free for Wayne County residents with photo ID and proof of address while for non-Wayne County residents, you can set up your own plan.

The Wayne Public Library is also celebrating their 25th anniversary of their current location at 410 Pearl Street. Headley mentioned she’s spent the past 25 years involved with the Wayne Public Library.

“So, I had actually volunteered and was helping move all the stuff from Main Street to here as a part of one of my girl scout projects,” Headley mentioned. “Then I was hired shortly there after.”

A storage addition will be added to the library but will include a private study area. Funds are still being finalized as construction could begin later this fall or spring of 2023.

After hosting Friday morning Chamber Coffee earlier in the day, the Wayne Public Library has been celebrating National Library Week and Volunteer Appreciation with treats during their Open House on Friday. The library is open until 6 p.m. on Friday.

Visit cityofwayne.org/82/library for more information and like Wayne Public Library on Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming events. Reach out to the library at 402-375-3135.


‘View’ Interview with Sharon Carr, Adult Service Librarian recorded on April 7: