Wayne Grossenburg Implement Tabbed With Reinke Gold Pride Award

Wayne Grossenburg Implement Tabbed With Reinke Gold Pride Award
Doug Olson receiving the Reinke Gold Pride Award. Courtesy of Reinke Manufacturing.

WAYNE – A Grossenburg Implement dealership in northeast Nebraska was recognized with the Gold Pride award following their success last year.

According to Reinke Manufacturing, Wayne Grossenburg earned the award. Reinke Manufacturing is a global leader in irrigation systems and technology.

Reinke officials are proud to honor the team at Grossenburg Implement with the Gold Pride award. They’ve shown a great deal of dedication and have worked hard to support their growers.

Chris Roth, Reinke president said “we appreciate those efforts as Reinke continues to develop and implement irrigation equipment and technology designed to increase agriculture production.”

Reinke dealerships from across the United States and Canada come together annually for the company’s sales convention. This year, they gathered virtually to recognize select Reinke dealers for their hard work and commitment to the higher standards of being 100% Reinke Certified. Dealers and Reinke leaders discussed the new products and initiatives from the past year, including the introduction of ESAC, SAC VRI and the Maintenance-Free Bearing as well as the partnership with CropX to empower growers with the world’s finest irrigation scheduling tools.

The Reinke Pride awards are determined as part of an incentive program that distinguishes superior achievement levels according to an evaluation based on a dealership’s exterior and interior housekeeping and maintenance, indoor and outdoor displays, safety, retail environment, merchandising, professionalism, promotions, event participation and market share.

For more information on Grossenburg Implement, visit Grossenburg.com.

With hundreds of dealers in more than 40 countries, Reinke Manufacturing is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. Family owned since 1954 and headquartered in Deshler, NE, Reinke develops products and technology designed to increase agriculture production while providing labor savings and environmental efficiencies. Reinke is a continued leader in industry advancements as the first to incorporate GPS, satellite-based communications, and touchscreen panel capabilities into mechanized irrigation system management.

For more information on Reinke or to locate a dealership, visit Reinke.com.