Wayne County Requesting Reimbursement From CBMP Projects, Among 20 Proposals Selected During Fourth Round

WAYNE – Earlier this week commissioners in Wayne county went over their County Bridge Match Program (CBMP) numbers as the next round of funding has been approved.

Highway superintendent, Mark Casey in Wayne provided information from the second round of CBMP and was authorized to request reimbursement. The program was created as a result of the 2016 Transportation Innovation Act (TIA), signed into law by Governor Pete Ricketts in April of 2016. The CBMP will fund 55% of eligible bridge construction costs (up to $200,000) with counties providing a 45% match.

Wayne county will be reimbursed 55% of costs from a project in District two (Dean Burbach) and District three (Jim Rabe). The total reimbursement being requested from the two projects is $82,569.95.

State officials with Nebraska Department of Transportation also announced late last week that 20 proposals were selected for funding in the fourth round of the County Bridge Match Program. From the 20 proposals, they include 29 counties and 54 bridges at a total construction cost of $8.7 million of which $4.04 million is from the CBMP.

In the northeast district of the Nebraska Associations of County Officials (NACO), Wayne county will be replacing a box culvert and removing another. The location of the project is 579th Avenue (about two miles east of Altona) between 847th and 848th Rd. located in the Plum Creek precinct. The cost estimates for replacing the culvert is $339,846 and $50,000 for removal with CBMP funding being 55% from each cost estimate.

Other area lead counties in NACO District 2 being selected are Cuming, Knox, Colfax, Madison (Platte) and Cedar.

The CBMP provides funding to counties for the innovative replacement and repair of deficient county bridges. The fourth Request for Proposals (RFP) was announced in October, with $4 million to be distributed to counties across Nebraska. Proposals were submitted by 45 counties and included 133 bridges.

Since the inception of CBMP, funding for 58 of the 69 counties that have submitted programs have been approved, 85 proposals have been selected for funding to repair or replace around 254 bridges as it has also spurred and supported innovative best practices that have been used on some of the additional 200 bridges that have been replaced with county funds during the same time period.