Wayne County Republican Convention Wrap-Up

Wayne County Republican Convention Wrap-Up
Courtesy photos of new officers. photo of the new officers. (l to r): Chairman Beverly Neel, Vice Chairman Dave Bloomfield, Secretary Eleanor Liekhus and Treasurer Bill Claybaugh.

WAYNE – A total of 32 individuals attended the 2022 Republican Party of Wayne County Nebraska Convention on April 7.

According to a release from Chairperson Beverly Neel, the event was held at the Wayne County Courthouse.

The Convention was called to order by interim chairman Beverly Neel, who appointed an interim secretary Robert Neel and Sergeant-at-Arms Mark Bloomfield. The Invocation was given by PMA Glenn Kietzmann of Trinity Lutheran Church, Winside NE, with the Pledge of Allegiance led by former District 17 State Senator Dave Bloomfield and the National Anthem led by Deb and Bill Dickey. Welcome was also given by Beverly Neel and Veterans in attendance were recognized; namely, Dave Bloomfield, Mark Bloomfield and Robert “Bud” Neel.

Introduction of registered delegates were highlighted being Dave Bloomfield, Mark Bloomfield, Dee Boeckenhauer, Bill Claybaugh, Deb Dickey, Bill Dickey, Sarah Heinemann, Steve Heinemann, Eleanor Liekhus, Charles Maas, Beverly Neel, Robert Neel and Karen Parker answering roll call. Absent were Dan Backer, Sandra Flack and Roger Fuoss.

Nominations were taken from the floor for election of county officers. The newly elected officers include Chairman Beverly Neel, rural Wayne; Vice Chairman Dave Bloomfield, rural Hoskins; Secretary Eleanor Liekhus, rural Wakefield and Treasurer Bill Claybaugh, rural Carroll.

Lydia Brasch, Nebraska National Committeewoman and former District 16 State Senator brought remarks from the NEGOP in Lincoln. She also provided dates of upcoming events. Brasch expressed the importance of securing our freedoms and become united in our efforts to elect good, responsible and conservative public servants.

Blake Aspen, WSC Student Body/Student Senate President, shared happenings on campus and how the community should be mindful of our freedom of speech in all aspects of life. Aspen also spoke on behalf of candidate for Governor, Brent Lindstrom, Nebraska State Senator.

Steve Jones from Grand Island was present to speak on behalf of his wife, Sherry Jones, who is a candidate for the 6th District seat on the Nebraska State Board of Education. His message came down to that kids are our most valuable possession and we need to protect them at home and in school.

Bill Dickey shared a letter from governor candidate Jim Pillen as Debbie Borg, Dixon County GOP Chair, spoke on behalf of Eric Kamler, seeking a position on the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Charles Maas from Hoskins made himself available after the Convention to those attendees wishing to sign the petition requiring photo ID when voting to visit with him and sign the petition if not already done so.

Lela McNinch and Breland Ridenour, also running for the governor seat, spoke to the Convention delivering their message of why they are seeking the governorship. Local candidates included BJ Woehler for Mayor of Wayne and Lisa Lindsay for Wayne County Treasurer. A question and answer session was held between the candidates and attendees.

The Convention made two changes to the Wayne County Republican Party Constitution; namely, date when County Convention may be held March 1 through April 10 in even-numbered years and removing the mileage allowance from covered expenses for Delegates to attend the Nebraska State Convention and/or State Central Committee meetings.

Election of Delegates and Alternates to the Nebraska State Convention were held. Delegates are Beverly Neel and Dave Bloomfield, with Alternates being Dee Boeckenhauer and Robert Neel. The Nebraska State Convention is being held in Kearney at the Younes Convention & Conference Center, July 8 – 9, 2022.

The local party is planning to have meetings quarterly with the option for the county chairman to call a meeting as needed. The group invites all to attend and become invested in the Party as they need many volunteers to carry out thier tasks.

Upcoming events for which the County Party may participate in include the Wayne Chicken Day parade on July 9; Wayne County Fair booth July 21 – 24; Cars-N-Carroll Show & Shine September 25 and hosting “Meet & Greet” coffees for those persons running for an elected office.

Upcoming dates to remember include Primary Election Day, May 10, 2022; Nebraska State Republican Convention, July 8-9, 2022 and General Election Day, November 8, 2022.

The Convention closed with the signing of “God Bless America” by all and closing prayer by PMA Kietzmann. Convention was adjourned at 8:34 PM.

More information can be found by liking Wayne County Nebraska GOP on Facebook.