Wayne County Museum Closed For Summer Amid Virus, Renovations; Reopening Date Uncertain

WAYNE – The Wayne County Museum Board has decided to not open their doors this summer. Typically, the museum would open the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. This decision was made in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and some renovation work being done to the museum.

Another factor in this decision was the protection of the museum’s older workers. COVID-19 has been more dangerous toward that population.

If the museum is to open yet this year, they would likely utilize Facebook, the KTCH radio station, and signs outside of the museum to show off their new renovations.

Some of those renovations involve fixing a leaky roof in the nursery. Other renovations are in place for the nursery. Also, they’re going to add a doctor’s exam table along with other doctor’s instruments for display. An antique wheelchair will be added to the display. Additionally, photo albums of Wayne area history will be new to the museum. Businesses, events, and buildings will be featured in the photo album.

In a normal year, the Wayne County Museum would be open every Sunday from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. There isn’t much of a timetable for a decision regarding reopening, rather the board will play the summer by ear.

For more information about the Wayne County Museum, visit their website at https://www.cityofwayne.org/453/Wayne-County-Museum. Also their Facebook page can be found here… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wayne%20County%20Historical%20Museum/1466678196963622/.