Wayne County Authorizes Juvenile Service Partnership, One/Six-Year Road Plans Approved

WAYNE – The Board of Commissioners in Wayne County held their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday morning where several appointments were listed on the agenda.

From the courtroom of the Wayne County Courthouse, the replacement of courtroom tables discussion was tabled as Judge Johnson had a hearing Tuesday. Commissioners will go over the subject during their second meeting in February.

Juvenile justice partnership officer Sherry Peterson joined Wayne county attorney Amy Miller to bring forward a partnership opportunity to receive community based juvenile service funds. Juveniles between the age of 11-18 may be referred to this program by a county attorney office. Participating counties include Antelope, Boone, Burt, Cuming, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Stanton and Wayne. Wayne has previously not used the funds as they get dispersed throughout the other participating counties.

Board members authorized the Juvenile Service program and will open a checking account where funds can be accessed when needed. There is no cost to the county bringing Sherry and her staff in.

Highway superintendent Mark Casey opened a public hearing for the one and six-year road improvement plan. Even though Wayne county only completed two projects that were on last year’s plan, several FEMA repairs and minor culvert projects were completed. This year’s plan has 21 projects on the one-year and 50 on the six-year. The state insists that priorities are listed and if a project is moved from the six to one-year, revisions will need to be sent in.

WAED executive director Luke Virgil was on the agenda to go over the annual partnership drive and contribution request with the commissioners. The board approved the same about in years past of contribution. Virgil provided a 2018 year-in-review along with going over how the dollars are divided and wanted to make people aware. A claim will be submitted during the next meeting.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting is set for Tuesday, February 19 at 9 a.m. Charlie Smith with Lincoln Clean Energy will attend the next meeting going over the Plum Creek wind turbine project and bids for a dump truck will be accepted.