Wayne Community Schools Veterans Day Program Done Virtually, Adam Endicott Shares Experiences During His Deployments

WAYNE – As Wednesday’s Veterans Day Program at Wayne Community Schools was moved to a virtual format, a special ‘Salute to Veterans Day’ was aired on KTCH/KCTY.

Superintendent of Wayne Community Schools, Dr. Mark Lenihan welcomed those who viewed the Facebook live event as classrooms also zoomed in.

Dr. Mark Lenihan led the program.

“We’re here to honor our service members both living and those who have passed for the sacrifices they have made for our freedom,” said Dr. Lenihan. “We are grateful for their service. While we’re doing this program over zoom during this pandemic, it does not diminish the gratefulness and thankfulness we have for all of our veterans.”

Introductory remarks were given by Wayne High seniors Liam Spieker and Nicole Fertig.

Wednesday mornings guest speaker was Adam Endicott. Endicott is a 1998 graduate of Wayne High. After spending two years at Wayne State College, he left for Air Force Basic Training on May 23, 2000 in San Antonio, Texas.

Following Basic Training and Tech School, he got orders to Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA where he was able to see different parts of the world during his four years of active duty.

“I was deployed to Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq,” Endicott added. “It was during these deployments that I got to form my own opinion on life first hand, not from reading about world events in newspapers or magazines, but seeing things with my own eyes.”

Endicott served as a Security Armed Forces member in the U.S. Air Force from 2000 – 2004.

He also comes from a long line of family members who have served in the military.

“My grandfather on my mothers side was a Major in the Marine Corps during WWII, my grandmother on my mothers side was a nurse in the Army during WWII, my grandfather on my fathers side was in the Navy during WWII and my father was in the Navy in the late 60s and early 70s,” Endicott mentioned.

Endicott is also the store manager of Pac N Save in Wayne.

Hear the complete ‘View from Wayne America’ here. View the Wayne Community Schools Veterans Day Program here.