Wayne Community Chest Contributions To Now Benefit 100% Of Their 17 Organizations

WAYNE – Traditionally the month October has been utilized as the kick-off date for the Wayne United Way campaign, but the local board has chosen to move away from the national organization and is going back to their original chapter.

Wayne Community Chest is the name for the group which is the non-profit that the Wayne United Way has operated under for many years.

Mike Varley, Chair of the Wayne Community Chest and Board Members said the major change is that all funds raised will remain in the community to have the most impact.

“Roughly about 10% of our goal was going to United Way Worldwide,” said Varley. “We really weren’t getting a lot of benefit out of it other than the name. So, we decided as a board that we could definitely use that money in better ways to serve our organizations.”

Work and funds raised through Wayne Community Chest will continue to impact the same organizations in the community.

Wayne Community Chest has been a part of the community for over five decades and will continue to operate in the same fashion going forward.

Varley added a goal has been set to raise $35,800 for the 2021-22 campaign with each of the dollars directly supporting agencies that help make Wayne a vibrant community.

Pledge cards and contributions can be mailed to Wayne Community Chest, P.O. Box 65, Wayne, NE 68787 or dropped off at the following banks of BankFirst, F&M Bank, Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust or State Nebraska Bank & Trust.

Wayne Community Chest will plan on holding some other fundraisers throughout the year but their main fundraiser is their mailing campaign. The board will assess where they’re at with their goal in February/March to see if other fundraisers need to be set up.

“Then we will meet again in July and that’s when we do what we call our agency presentations,” Varley added. “So, in July all the agencies will come to us, they’ll get their money from last year’s campaign and then they’ll give us their pitch for the following year for what they want and what they’re requesting.”

Board members include Angie Fredrickson, Brandon Mainquist, Jim Frank, Lori Carollo, Peggy Triggs, Scot Saul, Justin Gapp, Chele Meisenbach, Julie Osnes, Bobby Young and Clara Osten.

A total of 17 local organizations benefitting from Wayne Community Chest in Wayne County are all 501c3 non-profits and include

Wayne Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; Greenwood Cemetery; Wayne County Historical Society; Haven House; Salvation Army, Wayne Association of Congregation and Ministers; Teammates; Wayne Junior High School WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) group; Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Care Center; Wayne Senior Center; Wayne Public Library; Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership; Wayne Kids Club; Wayne Community Theatre; Wayne Activity Center and Wayne County Family Coalition.

Varley, who has led the organization for over 10 years, would like to thank the community for their support.

“It’s been fun,” Varley mentioned. “Again, it’s not a lot of work, it kind of takes care of itself. Just a few meeting that last a long time and to get the mailings out. Wayne is really a wonderful place. We have a lot of generous people in this community and they continue to support us which we greatly appreciate.”

Reach out to Varley or any of the Wayne Community Chest Board members for more information.