Wayne City Council Meeting Tuesday Night

WAYNE – The Wayne City Council met on Tuesday evening for a regularly scheduled meeting in the Council Chambers at City Hall. First up on the agenda was a public hearing regarding consideration of a business loan in the amount of $145,000 to Retail Reclaimers, LLC to purchase furniture, fixtures, equipment and inventory to start a hardware/home store to be located in the old Shopko building. Jeff Christensen is a business loan specialist with the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District and was there to speak to Council and give a recommendation on the loan. His recommendation was the same as the request of Retail Reclaimers, LLC. $145,000 loan to be paid off at zero percent interest over 15 years and the waiving of the one percent application fee. Once the public hearing was closed, Council voted on the resolution awarding the loan and waiving the application fee. The resolution passed on a 6-0 vote as Councilmember Woehler abstained from the vote due to conflict of interest.

The next item on the agenda was a resolution that would approve a marketing agreement with Utility Service Partners, Inc. A representative from Utility Service Partners spoke with Council during the last City Council meeting about the program. The resolution passed by a 6-1 vote by Council. This agreement allows Wayne citizens to opt into this monthly program that would help provide protection of external sewer lines, external water lines, and in-home plumbing issues. Utility Service Partners will run three campaigns per year that will be sent to Wayne homeowners by direct mail.

A bid was awarded to Rutjen’s Construction of Tilden, NE for the “2019 Water Transmission Main Project”. Roger Protzman of JEO Consulting Group addressed Council on the project and the eight bids that he received. Protzman recommended that the price of three pigging stations be added to the amount of the bid to ensure deposits within the pipeline that are left during construction can be cleared out. The pigging stations are roughly $15,000 a piece bringing the total of the awarded bid to $2,166,077.91. Council approved this resolution.

A resolution regarding a scope of services task order was also approved by Council with JEO Consulting Group for the “Senior Center Addition and Walk-In Cooler Project”. Protzman hopes to have plans for the project by late November. Councilwoman Brodersen abstained from the vote that passed 6-0.

A resolution and ordinance passed by Council that authorized and directed the sale of a lot on the corner of 10th and Main Street in Wayne to Ed and Lee Brogie for the amount of $501. The Wayne State College Foundation placed a bid of $1,500 but Council decided it best for the City to take the lesser offer due in part to the fact that Wayne State College is exempt from paying property tax. The Brogie’s have neighboring property to this lot. The vote of both the authorization of sale and directing of the sale ordinance were 4-3.

One final ordinance was passed that amends the Wayne Municipal Code with regards to moving buildings. The City was approached by a developer to find a way to move a couple of mobile homes from one area across the street to another area. There are strict restrictions on moving buildings into and within the City that were adopted in 2002. One of the restrictions is based on the age of a mobile home instead of its condition. City Staff feels the condition is more important than the age. Council approved the ordinance 7-0.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be held Tuesday, November 19th from the Council Chambers at City Hall starting at 5:30 p.m.