Wayne Choir, WHS Band District Music Results

SOUTH SIOUX CITY – District music competition took over South Sioux City where members of Wayne High Choir registered 17 Superior Ratings and three Excellent Ratings while the Wayne High band competed in eight other instrumental events along with their concert band performance.

According to a release from Vocal Music Teacher at Wayne Community Schools, Tracy Anderson, coming off their musical and Easter break in the mix it was tough to put everything together for all the solos and small groups.

The students who participate in Wayne Choir rose to the challenge.

Joining Wayne High and the host South Sioux City during District Music on Friday, April 22 were Allen, Emerson-Hubbard, Homer, Ponca, Pender, Wakefield and Winnebago. Wayne students competed in 20 vocal entries, being the most of any school.


According to Wayne Community Schools 5-12 Band Director, Alex Wieland, joining the Wayne High band along with the host South Sioux City were Allen, Bancroft-Rosalie, Emerson-Hubbard, Homer, Pender, Ponca, Wakefield and Winnebago.

Some students were at South Sioux City High School from 6:15 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. last Friday.



Large Group Results:

Wayne Concert Choir – Superior Ratings from all three judges

Wayne Treble Choir – Superior Ratings from all three judges

Wayne Jazz Choir – Superior Ratings from all three judges


Solos and Small Group Results:

Drew Fertig – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Norah Armstrong – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Carter Hasemann – Vocal Solo – Excellent Rating

Abigail Hawthorne – Vocal Solo – Excellent Rating

Mixed Vocal Ensemble – Superior Rating

Brooklyn Bierbower – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Wayne Bass Choir – Superior Rating

Vocal Quartet (Kaden Hopkins, Easton Blecke, Drew Fertig, Orion Spieker) – Superior Rating

Vocal Trio (Dakota Spann, Jacob Barner, Dillon Hanau) – Excellent Rating

Lindsay Niemann – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Ethan Wibben – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Olivia Hanson – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Elijah Barner – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Maddie Franta – Vocal Solo – Superior Rating

Vocal Duet (Drew Fertig, Laura Hasemann) – Superior Rating

Vocal Duet (Abigail Hawthorne, Lindsay Niemann) – Superior Rating

Vocal Duet (Ethan Wibben, Carter Hasemann) – Superior Rating



 Concert Band – Division 1 rating from all three judges


Solos and Small Group Results:

Maiah Davis Flute Solo – Division 2 Rating

Brendy Ruiz de Leon Clarinet Solo – Division 1 Rating

Madilyn Janke Bass Clarinet Solo – Division 2 Rating

Alec Schaffer Alto Saxophone Solo – Division 2 Rating

Avery Herman Trumpet Solo – Division 1 Rating

Ethan Wibben Trumpet Solo – Division 2 Rating

Norah Armstrong/Olivia Hanson/Ceilus Ibarra Trumpet Trio – Division 1 Rating

Dakota Spann/Jamison Meyer/Jaden Dramse Tuba Trio – Division 3 Rating


Honorable Mentions for superb performances were awarded to the Trumpet Trio in Center 1, Brendy’s Clarinet solo in Center 2, Avery’s Trumpet solo in Center 3.