Wayne Area Legacy Fund Accepting Grant Applications For Community Betterment Project Until January 31

WAYNE – The Wayne Area Legacy Fund is still taking applications for this year’s grant disbursement. Find the fund’s website or visit F&M Bank or State Nebraska Bank in Wayne to get an application form. The grant will be awarded to the proposed project that can best benefit the community.

Bill Dickey is the chairman of the Legacy Fund’s Advisory Board. Dickey talked about where last year’s grant money went.

“Last year we disbursed $6,000 into the community. The Wayne Senior Center in the amount of $3,000, and then Rainbow World, with $3,000 as well,” he noted.

The Wayne Senior Center used its money to build a brand-new walk-in refrigerator. Rainbow World, a childcare center, received technology upgrades in the form of iPads and more.

Dickey detailed the amount of money available in 2021 and the deadline to apply.

“This year we are pleased to announce that we have $8,000. We are, right now, taking applications through January 31,” Dickey explained.

The Wayne Area Legacy Fund is associated with the Nebraska Community Foundation. The foundation invests endowed money then passes interest earned along to its 200-plus funds, like the Wayne Area Legacy Fund.

Committee member Eric Knudson commented on what makes the Legacy Fund special.

“The Wayne Area Legacy Fund is kind-of a catch all. We can provide money, big and small, to all sorts of places,” he assured.

There is no better example of this than last year. The Legacy Fund addressed needs for two very different age groups.

Anyone can donate to the Wayne Area Legacy Fund and trust that the money will come back to the local community. Contact any board member or visit the fund’s website to donate.

The fund is looking for more committee members. These people decide where the grant money should go. If interested, contact any committee member, including Dickey at 402-369-2624.