Water/Wastewater Department Update Provided, LB840 Loan Payments Extended

WAYNE – Several public hearings took place during Tuesday evening’s regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

From the Community Room of the Wayne Community Activity Center, council went through a series of public hearings following a Water/Wastewater report from Casey Junck Water/Wastewater Superintendent.

Junck talked highly about his young department.

The main portion of the update was water quality that is failing tests on their new water main after those same tests were passed when put into service. This then turned into a chlorination talk, according to City Administrator Wes Blecke.

“We’ve chlorinated 10 times in the last five years,” said Blecke. “We’ve been told we needed to chlorinate by the state because we’ve failed tests. At what point do we say just go to a low-level chlorination. We’re voluntary doing it, but we’re doing it so we pass the tests.”

Wayne Mayor, Cale Giese added if the city would chlorinate at a regular basis, the levels would be lower.

“It’s easier to manage because the flow is steadier,” Giese added. “When you have to do it to correct for a negative test, then you have to flush the system all at once. That gets people who are, especially at the beginning of the line and at the end of some segments, it’s much more noticeable.”

Other items that were touched on were meters being changed out, four inch lines being upgraded to eight inch lines and sewer issues.

Luke Virgil, Wayne Area Economic Development Executive Director represented the business community. There are 21 businesses with LB840 loans and about half stated they would need more flexibility. Council approved to delay their payments until September 2022.

Businesses would need to notify city staff by February 28.

“The City wants all of our businesses to succeed but we also want to protect the funds that we’ve given out,” Giese mentioned. “Those funds come back in and we kind of use those as a revolving loan fund to get other businesses in the future going.”

Ordinances pertaining to the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Wayne were approved along with amending the zoning map on the corner of 3rd and Windom. The applicant, Diana Zach will be changing some of the setbacks of property lines.

Other public hearings featured a preliminary plat for “Beckman Farm Subdivision” in a section north of Fredrickson Oil and the City of Wayne purchased land from the Community Redevelopment Authority for $24,300. The property would be a negotiation piece with landowners.

Councilmembers also approved the Initial Community-Wide Technology Over-Built Agreement between the City of Wayne and Allo Communications, LLC. Their goal is to have the entire town built out in about six months.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, January 19 at 5:30 p.m. Find the complete “View from Wayne America” segment with Blecke and Giese under the ‘Podcasts’ section of the ‘Community’ drop-down.