Water Extension District Assessments, Interlocal Agreement With Wayne State College Seek Approval

WAYNE – For the second time in June councilmembers with the City of Wayne will hold their regularly scheduled meeting.

From the City Hall, council will open session at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18.

Early in the meeting, council will convene as the Board of Equalization in search to approve the assessments for water extension district No. 2017-01 – Beaumont/Wayne Area Event Center, Inc. Since no one objected to this improvement district, the district was created and the water line was installed under the oversight of city staff as well as the project manager. Total engineering and construction costs are then divided by the total front footage of all the properties in the district to be served, and cost per foot is assessed to the properties to be paid over a period of time.

The board will then reconvene as Mayor and City Council and discuss the approval of an interlocal agreement to share law enforcement between the City of Wayne and the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State College System (Wayne State College). This is an annual renewal which will provide a certified officer on campus part-time. One of the highlighted changes is that the renewal will go from annually to three years as more changes will be addressed during the meeting.

A pair of ordinances are also on the agenda. One is regarding a second reading for the adoption of the ‘Standard Specifications’ for construction of water, sewer, storm sewer and paving manual while another will look to amend a Wayne Municipal Code for all-terrain and utility vehicles bringing the same current with State Statutes.

Towards the end of the meeting, councilmembers will hold a discussion about city parks and future uses.