Wakefield Seniors To Be Recognized During Virtual Ceremony Sunday, Plan For Presentation Of Diplomas August 2

WAKEFIELD – Wakefield Community School seniors will still graduate this weekend during a virtual ceremony and be given a chance to receive their diploma in person this fall.

The official end of the school calendar for Wakefield students and staff is Friday, May 15 as schools across the country have been closing down their online and distant-learning courses the past couple weeks.

Matt Farup just completed his first year in Wakefield as the 7-12th grade secondary principal. He compared that the greatest generation didn’t ask for a war to fight, but they did it and did it well.

“This generation didn’t ask for this, didn’t go seeking this out,” said Farup. “But it has been flung upon them and I think many of them have risen to the occasion and put in the work. Done the things that we’ve asked them to do and continued their learning.”

Farup recently was the secondary principal, activities director and former football coach at Lincoln Christian.

All of the 7-12th grade students had technology to use, but not all had connectivity as the school worked with those families. Farup added at the beginning it was a pretty stressful scramble putting together their plan for the final quarter of the school year.

“We just continued to work and persevere to continue learning for our kids,” Farup added. “I’m really proud of my staff and how they adapted, how they improvised, how they overcame the different situations.”

The adjusted final day for majority of Wakefield students was May 4 to finish assignments as school officials allowed others to complete work by May 11.

Graduation was scheduled for Sunday, May 17 and the school will still plan on recognizing their senior class of 31 students. Farup mentioned schools were given two choices and they chose to do both being a virtual graduation ceremony this weekend and presentation of diplomas on August 2.

“I really believe our faculty, our staff, our board, our administration really believe that we want the opportunity for those kids to have their diploma in their hands or be given it to them,” Farup mentioned.

The link will be posted on wakefieldschools.org and Wakefield Community School District Facebook page Sunday. The link will also be emailed to students.

Farup said the school has already started conversations about next year and will continue to work with staff and administration over the summer.

“We want it to be a better experience for our staff, for our students and families,” said Farup. “So, if that time comes or if we have to start school in a non-traditional way that we’ll be prepared.”

Contact Wakefield Community School at 402-287-2012 or visit wakefieldschools.org for more information.