Wakefield School Board Discusses District Improvements

WAKEFIELD – Wakefield’s Board of Education held their regularly scheduled May meeting Monday evening. Discussed were several agenda items pertaining to facility upgrades, before the board moved into executive session to discuss several issues.

Elementary principal Jerad Wulf told the board that after the pre-school enrollment event held last week, he could report that enrollment will be at the cap, with full-day pre-school already at its max.

High School principal Angela Zach told the board that testing for 7-12 has been completed on time. She also informed the board that next school year, the high school will be able to offer 17 CTE, or Career and Technical Education, classes in six areas of study. Some of those classes will include Animal Science, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Health Science, Design and welding, among others.

“This is kind of amazing considering we have four CTE teachers and then, Mrs. Virgil is going to teach the Animal Science,” Zach said.

Superintendent Matt Farup voiced his support for the expanded options.

“What she just showed you is probably a more significant career academy than most of the career academies most schools have,” Farup told the board.

The Building, Sites and Transportation Committee recommended approving a contract with CMBA Architects for the creation of a district master plan. Committee members Jeff Keagle and Eric Riewer both spoke about their positive opinions of CMBA during the interview process. Farup said the firm offered what the district will need most.

“They just really had a great package of design and expertise and also just marketing and marketing division to help us with community engagement,” Farup said.

The motion to approve a contract passed unanimously.

As part of the district’s master plan, flooring work in the elementary previously approved during the April board meeting was changed by a unanimous vote Monday night. Instead of re-flooring several elementary classrooms and bathrooms, the board approved replacing the flooring in the old computer lab, which will now be known as the Achievement Center, as well as in one pre-school room, seven elementary/pre-school restrooms and the main and elementary entry ways. Jason Sears Flooring will do the work not to exceed $30,000.

The board approved a contract with Creative Sites for a new pre-school playground structure and expansion not to exceed $30,000. Farup told the board that in order to do this, the district will be using grant money and will attempt to find an addition matching funds grant.

Additionally, the board approved electrical work from Klein Electric to be done to help accommodate classroom changes for several teachers. The work will not exceed $15,000. The board also approved raising the credit limits on each of the district’s five credit cards to $10,000 each.

The board then moved into executive session to discuss a recommendation from the Superintendent to set the pay schedule for Classified Staff for the 2022-2023 school year, evaluation of the job performance of the superintendent and high school principal, and to discuss, consider, and take any necessary action regarding the potentially inappropriate grading practices of a terminated certificated employee.