Wakefield council hears project updates

WAKEFIELD – On Wednesday evening, Wakefield’s City Council held their monthly meeting at the Wakefield Civic Center. Several public hearing dates were set for the coming month, they were updated on plans for WakeFest and discussed aiding Wakefield Community School with an upcoming project.

A public hearing was held for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant application for a $434,700 project to improve streetlights downtown. Wakefield’s Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) would match funds to make the project possible.

“The community Redevelopment Authority is going to match those funds with $108,000 approximately,” Economic Development Director of Wakefield Progressive, Megan Weaver said. “It will be all new lighting throughout the downtown.”

No one spoke during the public hearing and the council unanimously approved the grant application.

Sarah Ekberg of Lazy Acres Décor and Floral came before the council to discuss the possibility of adding a loading zone near her business. Ekberg also operates the Amazon Hub Locker and told the council her delivery drivers are having to load vehicles with packages throughout the day, which can congest the street. The council did not approve the loading zone but agreed to work on some solutions to help the flow of traffic in and out.

Adam Goos gave the council an update on WakeFest, the community celebration scheduled for Saturday, August 21. WakeFest, formerly Balloon N BBQ, will feature familiar aspects, but Goos told the council, this year, the action will be almost exclusively downtown.

“There’s a lot that’s still familiar; lot of the structure that’s there, a parade in the morning, a vendor fair, kids’ activities, but really looking at the main portion of the event being about people gathering and being together and having some kind of entertainment venue around that,” Goos said.

The council voted unanimously to extend electrical services out to the school’s upcoming stadium project. Wakefield superintendent Matt Farup attended the meeting to both give a loose timeline of planned stadium construction, as well as discuss the plans for parking at the future stadium complex. Wakefield mayor Paul Eaton said that aiding the school with a stadium was something that has been discussed at council retreats in the past, and he was pleased to see it moving forward.

Public hearings for Workforce Housing Incentive Plan and amending zoning regulations to allow funeral chapels in C-3 district were set for September 8, the date of the next regularly schedule Wakefield City Council meeting.