Wakefield Community Schools Looking For Feedback, Hosting Wednesday Evening Community Engagement Meeting

WAKEFIELD – A northeast Nebraska community will be looking to provide feedback on a series of questions from their board of education.

According to a release form Wakefield Community Schools, the Wakefield Community School District will be hosting their ‘Community Engagement Meeting’ on Wednesday, December 1 from 6 – 7 p.m.

From the Wakefield Civic Center (407 7th Street), patrons are invited to assist the school district by creating a strategic plan for the future.

The group will look to identify the challenges that may impact the district in the next three to five years.

Also, attendees will be able to identify what you believe are the top two most important areas the Wakefield Community School District might focus on to improve and expand learning facilities and grounds. These can include functionality of learning space, safety and security, building access and parking, capacity to support student enrollment, building maintenance, extracurricular facilities and grounds or other topics.

Community members will also be able to provide suggestions on how the board/district can improve communication to inform patrons of the district’s needs and priorities.

Visit wakefieldschools.org or call the school at 402-287-2012 for more information.