Wakefield Community Schools Finds Their New Superintendent Promoting From Within

WAYNE – Mike Moody is the Interim Superintendent at Wakefield Community Schools. He aided in the hiring process for the new superintendent. Moody announced who they have appointed for the position.

“The new Superintendent’s name is Matt Farup. He was previously the secondary principal at Wakefield this school year and last year, so he’s been here two years,” Moody explained.

The school board contracted with the Nebraska Association of School Boards in searching for superintendent candidates. They narrowed the list to five candidates. Interviews were conducted for those that made the five-person list.

Farup stood out in the interview process and was offered a contract on Monday, December 15, at the school board meeting.

Moody described Farup as a great school administrator that is student-centered. Farup will begin his new role starting in July of 2021.

There is now a secondary principal position open in Wakefield. Moody mentioned that COVID-19 makes the process of hiring a new principal foggier, but he expects a decision around March.

Wakefield Community School also passed along positive news to end 2020. Following the Holiday break, January 4th (Monday) and January 5th (Tuesday) will be staff workdays without students. Students will return to school for the second semester on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. At this point in time, COVID-19 numbers in the school are so positive that there is no reason to revert to a remote learning format. In other words, schooling will continue as is for the start of the second semester.