Wakefield Community Blood Drive Scheduled For Wednesday, July 1, at 2 P.M.

SIOUX CITY, IA – LifeServe Blood Center asked for the community to give blood, per their press release. There will be a blood drive on Wednesday, July 1, in Wakefield. People can donate from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Christian Church of Wakefield.

Giving blood is important to maintain a healthy community. If a hospital patient needs a blood transfusion there is no substitute for donated blood from a healthy volunteer.

LifeServe will be enforcing certain restrictions to ensure the safety of blood donors and workers. First, appointments are necessary to control numbers. If someone doesn’t have an appointment, they will not be able to give blood. Donors should take their temperature before arriving to donate. Only people with temperatures below 99.5 degrees will be permitted to donate blood. Donors are required to wear a mask at all times. They will provide masks to those that don’t have one.

The Christian Church of Wakefield is located at 303 Johnson Street in Wakefield, NE. To set up a donation appointment, visit https://www.lifeservebloodcenter.org or call 800-287-4903.

LifeServe is a non-profit, community-based blood center serving the needs of hospitals and patients since 1963. They are one of the top 15 blood centers in the nation. They are the sole blood provider to over 120 hospitals around Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa. LifeServe is committed to providing access to safe blood for hospitals and patients. With a donation you can save a neighbor, friend, family member, or a stranger, nevertheless you will be making a difference in your community.