WAED Staying Busy This Holiday Season With Community Events, Promotions

WAYNE – The Wayne Area Economic Development (WAED) office is providing numerous opportunities for community engagement for the holidays.

They recently decided on the winners for the “Christmas Window Decorating” contest. Any business in Wayne could decorate its windows to enter the contest. Abby Schademann has been the Marketing, Events, and Tourism Director for three years at WAED. She announced the winners for this contest.

“We had good participation, we always obviously want more, but the winners for first place was The Wayne Greenhouse and second place was The Flower Cellar,” she said. “It was really fun to see everyone’s creativity for this year.”

Courtesy of WAED. The Wayne Greenhouse & Gift Shop received first place.

These businesses will receive free advertising opportunities from Big Red Country/104.9 FM and the Wayne Herald.

Courtesy of WAED. The Flower Cellar earned second place.

Anyone with a Wayne mailing address can sign up for the “Residential Holiday Decorating” contest. This is where people decorate their homes and front yard with Christmas decorations and lights. Schademann talked about the prizes and deadline for this competition.

“Prizes are provided by Bomgaars, Wayne Ace Hardware and Home, and Total Graphics. You have until December 18 to sign up,” She added.

The WAED Facebook page contains the link to sign up and it is free. Judging will take place from December 21 – 23. There will also be a “People’s Choice” winner. Anyone can vote for this category. People can even vote for their own house decorations. There will be a Google Form on Facebook to participate in the voting.

“Letters to Santa” is another event organized by the WAED office. Place a letter in the mailbox by the Wayne Public Library or send it by email to santa@wayneworks.org.

Schademann mentioned another exciting opportunity for people in the Wayne community.

“We are also doing a coloring contest and that’s open to all ages. We have two categories, 17 and under and 18 and over,” she stated.

There are two uncolored designs on Facebook to choose from. The WAED office will accept entries in-person or by email. A winner in each category will be notified by December 23. The winners receive $20 in Wayne Chamber Bucks.

Lastly, the “Holiday Stamp Card” promotion continues until December 18. Turn in cards with $100 worth of stamps from the 24 participating Wayne businesses. Wednesday and Saturday are the double stamp days. Winners will be announced through the 18th.

For information on which 24 businesses are participating and much more, visit the WAED Facebook page.