Village Of Martinsburg, City Of Lyons Listed As Recipients Of CDBG Funding From 2019

LINCOLN – A couple of northeast Nebraska communities were recognized from previous awards in the 2019 pogrom year for the CDBG funding under the Water/Wastewater category.

According to a release, the City of Crawford marked the sixth and final recipient of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED). The town joins the Village of Stratton, Village of Greeley, City of Oshkosh, Village of Martinsburg and City of Lyons.

In all, DED has now awarded $2,337,905 under the CDBG Water/Wastewater category for program year 2019.

DED officials are privileged to administer federal CDBG funding across Nebraska which helps Nebraska communities address local needs and achieve quality of life and economic development objectives.

The Village of Martinsburg was awarded $302,000 to construct a new municipal well, transmission line and standpipe. Match was provided by an EPA Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation Program grant, and a loan/loan forgiveness from the Nebraska Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund. Also, the City of Lyons was awarded $435,000 to build a municipal well and reconstruct a gravity filter system for water treatment. Match was provided by the City and a USDA Rural Development Program loan.

Administered by DED on behalf of the State to Nebraska’s non-entitlement communities, the flexible CDBG program provides funding for an array of activities intended to enhance communities’ vitality, solve health and safety threats and benefit vulnerable populations, among other objectives. Program categories available in 2020 include Downtown Revitalization; Economic Development; Emergent Threat; Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation; Planning; Public Works; Tourism Development; Youth Job Training and Water/Wastewater.

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