Viaero Wireless Highlights Haven House Fundraiser, New Promotion During Chamber Coffee


WAYNE – Community members joined Viaero Wireless during the last Friday in May entering Memorial weekend for Chamber Coffee.

From their Wayne location of 304 Main Street, Viaero Wireless Sore Manager Jeff Wunder talked about their recent “Dogs Across America” Haven House fundraiser.

“For three bucks you got a hotdog, chips and a beverage,” said Wunder. “We donated all of that money to Haven House. We did a different dog every week.”

A total of $209 was donated to Haven House.

Starting Friday, June 1 for the next eight weeks, Viaero Wireless will hold “Dogs Across the World” based on the same fundraiser for Haven House. Eight different hot dogs from across the world will be portrayed each Friday as money will be donated to Haven House.

Viaero will be closed on Monday to honor Memorial Day but back open during their regular hours from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Visit and search for the Wayne location for more information or call 402-518-8888 for any questions.

Along with the two lines of unlimited data for $90 promotion which started Thursday, Viaero Wireless offers other deals as well.

“Just all kinds of things we can work out,” Wunder added. “You can trade in your phone, get some money for it, apply that to your bill or help with activation fees or buy accessories for your new phone. Lots of different ways we can help you out.”

Wunder enjoys being a Main Street Business and he’s involved with the Revitalization Committee a part of the Chamber.

This summer, Viaero Wireless will be painting a cement chicken during the Wayne Chicken Show. Also, company will be providing internet during the Wayne County Fair and have a booth for any questions.

Join the Wayne Softball Association during the next Friday morning Chamber Coffee on June 1 at 10 a.m. from the Summer Sports Complex.