USDA Funding Approved For New Watershed Projects

BATTLE CREEK – The Lower Elkhorn Resources District in northeast Nebraska was recently listed as one of the four NRD’s to receive funding for Watershed Flood Prevention and Operations.

According to a release from the United States Department of Agriculture, this funding will be directed towards developing watershed plans where the four Natural Resource Districts received over $2.5 million.

Joining the Lower Elkhorn NRD’s Battle Creek Watershed Plan will be the Lower Platte South NRD (Little Salt Creek) and the Lower Loup NRD (Mud Creek) as well as two Watershed Plans in the Central Platte NRD (Spring and Buffalo Creek/Lower Wood River).

The Battle Creek Watershed Plan is aiming at reducing the overall flood risk potential in the area as well as providing flood resiliency for surrounding agricultural land.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service looks forward to working with these NRD’s on these new watershed projects. NRCS officials saw how established watershed projects sprang into action this past spring following the bomb cyclone reducing flood damages and protecting natural resources. These new projects plan to provide more benefits to more areas across Nebraska.

Contact the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District at 402-371-7313 for more information.