Updated Races For Wayne County Candidates, New Filers Have Until March 1 

WAYNE – With incumbent filing over for Wayne County, the March 1 date is quickly approaching for new filers to get their information to the Wayne County Clerk’s office.

For the City of Wayne, the mayor race has stayed the same with Pat Melena, Jennifer M. Sievers (current councilwomen) and Cale Giese (current councilmen) all in the running on the city ticket. Two of the three will advance after the Nebraska Primary Election on May 15 with the General Election set for November 6

The four Wayne City Councilmembers have all re-filed, with two of the wards seeing a challenger. In Ward 1, incumbent Rodney Greve will run against new filer Christopher A. Woehler; Ward 2, incumbent Matthew Eischeid filed on the final day for incumbent filers; Ward 3, incumbent Jason Karsky has no one running against him as of now and Ward 4, incumbent Jill Brodersen will run against new filer Jessi Hansen.

Among the school ticket, for School Board District 17 in Wayne no incumbents have filed, so three new members will be selected from the five new filers who have filed so far. They are Scott Meisenbach, Amanda Hawthorne, Sylvia Ruhl, Kelly Meyer and Justin A. Davis.

Also, for the Winside School Board, District 9R, incumbent filers are Dana Bargstadt and Johnathan Jaeger while new filers are Tarrin Quinn and Kate Falk.

No filers are listed under the Wakefield School Board, District 560.

On the county ticket, there are currently three oppositions.

For County Attorney, new filer Amy K. Miller (republican) will be running against incumbent Michael E. Pieper (republican) who filed on February 15. With current Commissioner Randy Larson not running for his District 1 seat, one new filer will be selected from either Terry Sievers, Damon F. Henschke or David M. Westerhold; all republicans. Also, two new filers will run against each other for County Treasurer position between Tammy Paustian and Bandon L. Hall; both republicans.

Find the complete and most up to date Wayne County candidate filings by vising waynecountyne.org. New filers have until Thursday, March 1 to submit their information to the Wayne County Clerk’s office in the courthouse located at 510 N Pearl Street, suite 5. Also, email Wayne County Clerk, Deb Finn, deb.finn@wayne.nacone.org or call 402-375-2288.