Update On Highway 35 Road Closure

Update On Highway 35 Road Closure
Courtesy of Mark Jahde

HUBBARD – Work continues on Highway 35 three miles southwest of Hubbard with the completion date being pushed back.

During the rehabilitation of the 11-mile segment of Hwy 35 in late August, it was discovered that the original plan to modify a box culvert would not suffice. NDOT starting planning on replacing the box culvert with a new, larger one.

Then, in early September the Nebraska Department of Transportation announced a complete closure of the roadways near Hubbard. The cause for the closure was for work on a box culvert and to repair an embankment failure. The road has been closed since September 9 and work was expected to be completed in October.

In a recent update, the contractor has poured the rest of the box culvert on Friday, November 1. After cure time and removal of the forms, road crews will start to backfill dirt and get the road put back in. Pending weather, the completion date has been pushed back to late November or the first week of December.

Precipitation or cold temperatures will negatively impact the completion date.

Traffic should continue to follow the marked detour onto Highway 9 and 20.