Unnamed Buyer Saving Broken Bow Care And Rehab From Closure

BROKEN BOW— It has been a roller coaster of emotions for everyone involved at the Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation Center these past few months. Those involved have seen the possibility of the facility closing, to now a very good chance of being purchased locally as well as privately.

In mid-February, Klaasmeyer & Associates released that there would be closures of multiple facilities throughout Nebraska that also included Broken Bow. During a meeting with Broken Bow Care and Rehab families and staff, it was made aware that there was additional funding available that would allow the facility to remain open.

This funding would not last forever and a purchaser was still needed to keep the facility alive which currently has 79 licensed beds available, with a current population of 25 residents and also employs 48 staff members.

On Thursday, March 28, the facility was given a closing date of May 27 from Klaasmeyer & Associates, but a flash of hope came forward in the form of a local buyer. Jennifer Larson, Director of Nursing at Broken Bow Care and Rehab, held a press conference on Friday, March 29 to inform the media that the center still has a closing date of May 27 from Klaasmeyer & Associates, but is current negotiations with a local purchaser to take over the facility. Details on the purchase have been kept under wraps due to the deal not being finalized, but Larson was confident that the purchase would proceed as hoped.

“We knew things were going to have to change we just didn’t know when,” said Larson

As of Friday, the staff and residents were made aware of the current situation that faces the center and what could change going forward. Larson told the media that a few of the changes going forward included the fact that the building, land, and the business would be owned by one person instead of being leased out as it was with previous owners.

“Everything is coming back to Broken Bow it is the facility, the land, and the business, the licensed beds, everything.”

Larson did note that while the negotiations were looking positive, there were still a lot of hoops to jump through with so many different organizations involved. In a worst case scenario, Larson was hopeful that there would be a more solid plan within the next 30 days, but also noted that the deal may not be completely finalized for another six months.

“Just hang on. Give us just a little more time. I know I have asked that of you for the past year and everybody has been great,” said Larson. “Just give me a little more time. We are not going down without a fight.”

While there are still questions to be answered going forward, Larson was very appreciative of the community support and the patience the families and staff has given them to allow this process to begin to hopefully keep staff and residents in Broken Bow.