Tuesday’s Commissioners Meeting To See Recess For Wednesday Position/Board Appointments, 2022 Employee Raises

WAYNE – To open the first Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting, the regularly scheduled agenda will be broken into two days.

According to a release, the first part of the meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 4 at 9 a.m. from the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom.

Commissioners will act on a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs. This will allow Wayne County to join the web based “VetraSpec” database.

Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey will then provide road and bridge updates before the Wayne County Board of Commissioner will recess their meeting until 9 a.m. on Wednesday, January 5 in the Public Safety Annex.

On Wednesday, the board will look to elect representatives for the Chairman and vice-chair of the Board Commissioners and Board of Equalization.

Also, 15 positions will look to be filled by representatives of Wayne County to the following positions and boards. They include County Highway Superintendent (Mark Casey); County Coroner’s Physician (Dr. Mark McCorkindale); Northeast NE Area Agency on Aging (Burbach); Northeast NE Economic Development District (Burbach); Northeast NE Joint Housing Agency (Burbach); Northeast NE Juvenile Services, Inc. (Sievers); Northeast NE Public Health Department (Rabe); Northeast NE RC&D (Rabe); NorthStar Services (Rabe); Region IV Mental Health Services (Rabe); Wayne Area Economic Development Board (Burbach); Wayne Area Business & Industry Committee (Sievers); Wayne Community Redevelopment Authority (Sievers); Wayne County Safety Committee (Burbach) as well as the Wayne County Security Committee (Dwinell, Knutson, Sievers).

Another action item on Wednesday will pertain to employee raises for 2022.