Troopers To Promote Safe Travel During State Basketball Championships

Troopers To Promote Safe Travel During State Basketball Championships
Courtesy of NSP.

LINCOLN – With this year’s action in vying for the state title in the NSAA Girls and Boys State Basketball Championships taking place all in one week in Lincoln, Nebraska State Patrol Troopers have been patrolling the roads.

According to a release from NSP, the tournament began on Monday, March 7 and will conclude on Saturday, March 12. Troopers are showing their presence along the roads to make sure players and fans arrive safely.

NSP officials state the basketball tournament is a fantastic time for teams from around the state. This year’s tournament means twice the action in one week of time. Since there are more teams and fans traveling at the same time, commuters all need to do their part in keeping roads in Nebraska safe and the action on the court. All are requested to follow traffic safety laws, avoid distractions, drive sober and wear your seat belt.

The NSAA Girls and Boys Basketball Tournament has a different schedule this year, hosting both events the same week. Champions will be crowned Friday and Saturday. With the tournaments joining to be in the same week, troopers will perform high visibility patrols throughout the week. This effort will take place in Lincoln and other high-traffic areas across Nebraska.

This effort is made possible thanks in part to a grant for $15,635 from the Nebraska Department of Transportation – Highway Safety Office. Any motorists in need of assistance can call the NSP Highway Helpline at *55 or 800-525-5555 and speak directly with an NSP dispatcher.