Trial Dates Set for Bancroft Murder Suspects

At the Cuming County Courthouse in West Point, Nebraska, appearances were set for three suspects in the murder of a Bancroft man last year in March

According to police reports, Jody Olson, Jenna Merrill and Derek Olson are suspects involved in the murder of 64-year-old Ernest Warnock and the arson of his home in Bancroft on March 11, 2017.

After a series of trial date extensions and the addition of witnesses by the defense and prosecution, Jody and Derek’s trial dates are set and the judge granted Merrill’s case an extension for the addition of more witnesses to the case. Included in Derek’s appearance was a not guilty plea from his defense.

All three suspect’s trial dates will span over a week or more. Derek Olson’s trial starts March 11, 2019. Jody’s starts January 14, 2019 and Merrill’s pretrial starts this September 29th.