Town Hall Addresses Recent Survey, Old Bathhouse Renovation Ideas For Grant Funding


WAYNE – Community members gathered Tuesday evening addressing the results of the Community Attitude Survey and also gave renovation ideas for the old bathhouse.

From the Wayne Community Activity Center, the City of Wayne hosted a townhall meeting which attracted 21 individuals. Jan Merrill, Community Planner with the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District led the townhall along with Riah Deane, also a Community Planner with NENEDD and Wayne City Administrator, West Blecke answered questions and took notes.

Blecke said Tuesday’s group hit upon a good representation of the issues.

“We hit on parking, we hit on housing, we hit on the good things of the Activity Center, the Library,” said Blecke. “Then, obviously, we ended the night with talking a lot about the old bathhouse at the old swimming pool park.”

The June 1 deadline had 148 respondents fill out the survey. Very good feedback was provided from the survey and make sure to contact your city council representative or city staff if you have further questions.

Merrill will put the information together from the survey to write a grant for the old bathhouse. A public hearing will also be held in early July during the Wayne City Council meeting. The grant would be for a maximum of $400,000 as the City of Wayne would have to put in $100,000 and could only be for physical upgrades to the facility and to the surrounding area.

The old bathhouse is located in the old swimming park near the bowling alley.

The City of Wayne also got a planning grant last year for the Wayne Community Activity Center.

“To talk about upgrades to the Activity Center as well as potential add-ons,” Blecke added. “That can be an additional gymnasium, it could be more community room space and then kind of further down or phase two, an indoor pool; we’ve talked about that as well.”

The Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCFF) has been put on a slight hold with events not generating revenue due to COVID as Merrill let Blecke know that it could be 2022 or 2023 before the City of Wayne could apply for the funds.

Also, your input is still needed.

“Like I said, we’ll have that public hearing at city council meeting probably the first or second meeting in July,” Blecke mentioned. “But you can always contact city staff, you can contact Jan Merrill with the District (NENEDD). But, make sure your voices are heard in what you’d like to see up in that area.”

For those who couldn’t attend Tuesday’s townhall meeting, can contact City Hall at 402-375-1733 with further questions and concerns.