Three St. Mary’s Students In Wayne Honored For Their Conservation Posters

NORFOLK – The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) sponsored this year’s Stewardship Week and Poster Contest. The theme was, “Where would we BEE without Pollinators?”

In the grades two to three category, Jesus Vargas and Blake Heithold from St. Mary’s school in Wayne received special recognition from the LENRD for their posters. Mariana Nexticapan Hernandez from St. Mary’s was honored in the grades four through six category.

More than 100 K-12th grade students participated in the contest. Bees and butterflies were popular depictions on winning posters, created by students across the LENRD’s 15-county footprint.

It is important to enhance native pollinator habitats and protect against declines in population.

Here is the complete list of those honored by the LENRD for their posters.

Grades K-1

1) Carson Gerths                                      Guardian Angels Central Catholic, West Point

2) Isabelle Anderson                               Battle Creek Elementary

3) Abigail Zweep                                       Bancroft-Rosalie Elementary


Grades 2-3

1) Dawson Mackling                                Guardian Angels Central Catholic, West Point

2) Kenna Olmer                                        St. Francis, Humphrey

3) Jesus Vargas                                          St. Mary’s, Wayne

3) Blake Heithold                                      St. Mary’s, Wayne


Grades 4-6

1) Madie Thiele                                          Guardian Angels Central Catholic, West Point

2) Audrey Praest                                        St. Wenceslaus, Dodge

3) Mariana Nexticapan Hernandez        St. Mary’s, Wayne


Grades 7-9

1) Emerson Ortmeier                               Guardian Angels Central Catholic, West Point

2) Myranda Hansen                                  Norfolk High School

3) Kali Mangelsen                                     Norfolk High School


Grades 10-12

1) Claire Steskal                                       Norfolk High School

2) Courtney Hintz                                    Norfolk High School

3) Anna Lemus                                         Norfolk High School