Three Items Tabled During Commissioners Meeting, County Pays Off Series 2014 Bond

WAYNE – After discussing commissioner salaries as well as talking with Berggren Architects and Kingery Construction, three agenda items were tabled.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, the regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting took place Tuesday morning.

Early in the meeting, discussion was held on commissioner salaries for the calendar years of 2021 and 2022. The 2020 salary for a commissioner will be $45,500 and the past six years the salary has increased up to $1,500 or remained the same

After more talk about either raising it or keeping it the same, the board tabled the discussion until they can decide what area counties are doing. The topic was also brought up in lowering the commissioner salary for an elected official and create a way to reimburse the commissioners for their work they do in the shop or on the roads.

Representatives with both Kingery Construction and Berggren Architects were also in attendance to seek approval on two motions. The commissioners are wanting to see documentation on how the prices were set and how the bids are being broken down for the courthouse renovation project.

The items to approve an alpha change order and an addendum were tabled until they can account for where the money is being spent and get a breakdown of the quotes.

Board members also approved the principal and interest payments for Highway Allocation Fund Pledge Bonds, Series 2014 (a.k.a. Chiefs Way). The county will be making their December interest payment they didn’t refinance of $14,840.35 to pay off the original bond as commissioners approved the issuance of the new bond at the last meeting.

Highway superintendent, Mark Casey provided an update on the third wind farm going up in Wayne County near Winside. The Haystack Wind Project, LCC is being developed by Tradewind Energy, Inc. and Casey gave permission for the wind energy group to perform non-destructive tests on 150 miles of roads in Wayne County. The commissioners and Casey both agreed they won’t let the developer perform any soil boring on the roads until March/April to test the roads. The board also won’t be signing a roads agreement until they know where the towers are going and what route the developer plans on transporting their equipment.

The Sholes Wind Project is up and running with NextEra Energy as the second set of wind turbines coming to Wayne County is the Plum Creek Wind Project through Lincoln Clean Energy.