Thousands Affected With Power Outage, Northeast Power Provides Safety Reminder

Thousands Affected With Power Outage, Northeast Power Provides Safety Reminder
Courtesy of Northeast Power.

WAYNE – Crews with Northeast Power responded to a power outage that affected the City of Wayne and surrounding communities.

According to Northeast Power, power to a transmission line between Emerson and Winside went out around 4:15 p.m. Customers between the two towns, including the cities of Wayne and Wakefield were impacted, according to operations manager Matt Sorenson.

“We had a farm implement get into the line,” said Sorenson. “Over in-between Emerson and Wakefield on the transmission line.”

Crews responded around 4:20 p.m. as the transmission line was turned back on around 5 p.m.

An implement hit the line causing a mass power outage. Crews were onsite patrolling and worked to get power restored.

“We just had to get the implement out of the line, make sure that nobody was hurt and get them cleared,” Sorenson added. “Then we called our transmission operator and had him turn the line back on.”

Northeast Power also wants to remind that electrocution kills farm workers every year. Look out and watch for overhead electrical lines when doing farm work. Verify the location of overhead power lines and make sure farm workers know to keep all equipment safely away.

If you are on equipment that contacts a power line, do not exit the equipment. When you step off the equipment, you become the electricity’s path to ground and receive a potentially fatal shock. Wait until utility workers have de-energized the line and confirmed it is safe for you to exit the vehicle. If the vehicle is on fire and you must exit, jump clear of the vehicle with both feet together. Hop as far from the vehicle as you can with your feet together. Keep your feet together to prevent current flow through your body, which could be deadly.