Third Annual Fifth Grade Pollinator Program Provides Knowledge To Elementary Students

WAYNE – When this year’s fifth-grade Wayne Elementary Class was in third grade, the Logan Creek Pheasants Forever Chapter #303 started a program that now is on its third year.

57 students make up the three sections of fifth grade classes in Wayne. After being postponed one day due to the rain and field conditions, Tuesday afternoon the Third annual Fifth Grade Pollinator Program was held at Ikes Lake just four and a half miles north and two miles west of Wayne.

Scott Brummond is the Secretary and Membership Chairman as well as past President for Logan Creek Pheasants Forever Chapter. He said experts came in to teach the kids about the pollinator pizza activity.

“So, they have different types of ingredients that they would put on pizza,” said Brummond. “They choose what all they want for their pizza. Then the instructors tell them well you wouldn’t have this if there weren’t pollinators and you wouldn’t have this if there weren’t pollinators. Pretty soon they don’t have much on their pizza.”

The Experts were Don Preston from the NRCS office, Jim Modrell – President of Pheasants Forever and John Witkowski an entomologist.

The three fifth-grade teachers are Diane Long, Phylis Trenhaile and Jessica McPhillips. The students were taught before what pollination does and what pollinators are.

Students split into three groups at Izaak Walton League Lake before heading across the section west to Thompson Barnes Wildlife Management Area. Each student also received a t-shirt.

Ice cream buckets were donated from Highland Roberts in Norfolk, sawdust came from Sand Creek Post & Beam mixed along with about $500 worth of Wildflower seeds. The students then dispersed over 80 varieties of seeds.

Logan Creek Pheasants Forever Chapter receives a grant worth $500 as Brummond would also like to thank Nebraska Game & Parks for tilling the half-acre area last week.

“I got the buy in from the Game and Parks,” Brummond added. “We got a big enough area there where we have enough for about eight years. Then after eight years, we might go back and redo the first one and just kind of keep it going. I hope this is something that we do forever.”

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