The Wayne Farmer’s Market Open This Wednesday and Saturday

WAYNE – The farmer’s market will be open on Wednesday, June 10th, and Saturday, June 13th. This will be about the 13th year of the Wayne Farmer’s Market. The market will be open from 4 p.m. till 6 p.m. on Wednesday. They’ll be open from 9 a.m. till noon on Saturday.  For the first time in 2020, people can buy fresh produce from local farmers and producers in Wayne.

Irene Mock is the Assistant Director at Wayne Area Economic Development (WAED). She has worked for WAED since 2005. Mock addressed the location and restrictions at the Wayne Farmer’s Market.

“The farmer’s market takes place on the southwest lawn of the Wayne County Courthouse in the nice shaded grassy area, so there is plenty of room to spread out,” Mock assured.

The vendors are required to stay 10 feet apart, but Mock said that won’t be much different than past years. They do ask that shoppers stay at least six feet apart. To prevent the spread of germs, customers cannot pick up products before buying them. The vendor will package it up, then of course, the product can be touched after purchase. Also, keep an eye on the weather, although it’s up to each vendor whether or not they want to push through rainy weather.

Mock talked about what kinds of products people can expect to find at the first few markets.

“You’ll see garden vegetables, in particular those early spring garden vegetables,” she stated. “Usually there are eggs, there are baked goods, there are also some health and body products.”

It varies from market to market which of the previously mentioned items are on sale. One thing that is for sure, is that there will be a vast variety of products available. Early spring vegetables would include radishes and lettuce. Also, be on the lookout for jars of jam and jelly.

Mock explained how someone interested in becoming a vendor would sign up.

“If anyone is interested in being a vendor at the Wayne Farmer’s Market, they can purchase a Farmer’s Market Permit at the Wayne Area Economic Development (WAED) office,” Mock added. “A season pass will cost $50. We also offer a $10 per market pass.”

The single market pass is great for someone that doesn’t have a ton of produce, but enough to sell for a few markets.

For more information, follow the Wayne Farmer’s Market on Facebook. Also, stop-in at the WAED office at 103 West 3rd Street in Wayne, or give them a call at 402-375-2240.