Technology Updates On Shoe Sanitizing Station Eliminates Dangerous Germs, Including 24x More Effective On Coronavirus


WAYNE – As part of their ongoing effort to increase safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Providence Medical Center is implementing cutting-edge patented technology.

According to a release from PMC, the PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe sanitizing station uses an exclusive and multi-patented combination of Ozone + UVC light.

After looking at different methods, PMC found the UVZone shoe sanitizing station which uses a combination of ozone and UV.

PMC Chief Operating Officer Kris Giese said a lot of hospitals they network with had utilized UV but the ozone combination was a new concept.

“And really boosts the effectiveness of the UV,” said Giese. “Because it breaks the cell wall of viruses and bacteria so that the UV can kill them. So, even with incapsulated bacteria or viruses this device is effective.”

There was a lot of concern about taking any contaminated clothing, being shoes, home from work. A demo product was moved around Providence Medical Center mainly for employees which brought back great feedback.

All visitors and staff are encouraged to use the shoe sanitizing stations when they enter the building except for the device at the ER which serves the purpose in decontaminating shoes of staff when they exit the ER.

“Every other entrance people will see this banner and a device,” Giese added. “We encourage them to use them on the way in to help protect all of us here. We also very highly recommend they use it on the way out.”

Each of the five UVZone shoe sanitizing stations at PMC will offer an easy step on and step off function; use patented Ozone + UVC breakthrough technology; kills pathogens in seconds; provides 24/7 continuous protection and requires zero additional staff. PathO3Gen Solutions is based in Florida and donated one of the devices for PMC.

The ozone opens the cell wall, the UVC will denature at DNA level and in eight seconds kill up to 99.999% of the deadliest superbugs. The patented combination of Ozone and UVC will also completely eliminate the Coronavirus 229E.

Footwear is required (socks allowed) and is to be used indoors and in dry locations only. For safety of children, the UVZone shoe sanitizing station engages at 42 pounds as the weight capacity is 400 pounds.

The patented Ozone + UVC Light has been proven to be 110x more effective than UVC light alone in eliminating common disease-causing microorganisms, and is more than 24x more effective at eliminating coronavirus 229E, the surrogate standard for testing efficacy against SARS-CoV-2.

The UVZone eliminates up to 99.999% of dangerous germs including MRSA, C. diff, E. coli, Candida Auris, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae; and leaves zero coronavirus residue on footwear in eight seconds.

Visit, or call PMC at 402-375-3800 for more information.