Superintendent Message For Wayne Community Schools Parents, Guardians

WAYNE – Parents and guardians of students at Wayne Community Schools received an update on the COVID-19 status at the school in late October.

According to a letter issued by Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan on the website, as of October 30 there is a low percentage of individuals who have tested positive. Approximately 1.2% of the total staff and student population at Wayne Community Schools have tested positive since school began in August.

Based on contact tracing, individuals within the school system have contracted the virus outside of the schools, and there is no evidence of transmission of the virus occurring at school.

The community of Wayne and surrounding area has shown a rather dramatic increase in transmission of the virus. As the winter months draw near, and as the regular flu and cold season occur, school officials are asking everyone to be even more vigilant with their protocols.


Do the following with your students at home on a regular basis:

 1) Talk to your children about the proper wearing of their face mask, covering their nose and mouth.

2) Talk to your children about the importance of very frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

3) Talk to your children about considering good social distancing practices to the extent possible. This includes time before and after school, at activities, and on nights and weekends.

4) Monitor your children’s health on a daily basis, and if they are showing any symptoms, do not send them to school and call us at school or call your healthcare provider.


Winter sports season and activities will also be impacted with updates to changes in the designated health measures (DHMs). Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has also started a “Three C’s” campaign. The basis of the Three C’s campaign is to: 1) Avoid crowded places. 2) Avoid close contact. 3) Avoid confined spaces.

There will be no school at Wayne Community Schools on Wednesday, November 4. Originally, this day was a scheduled 10:00 o’clock late start but due to the additional workload the pandemic has caused, school officials felt it is important to provide their teaching staff with some additional planning time as well as the maintenance staff an opportunity to do some additional cleaning.

School will resume as scheduled on Thursday, November.