Sunnyview Park To See New Playground Equipment, Sewer Service Line Project Approved

Sunnyview Park To See New Playground Equipment, Sewer Service Line Project Approved
Playground equipment to be professionally installed at Sunnyview Park this fall.

WAYNE – A City of Wayne park will see an upgrade this fall in playground equipment.

City staff met Tuesday evening at the Wayne Fire Hall for the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

Council accepted the proposal and awarded the contract to Creative Sites from Omaha for playground equipment at Sunnyview Park for the price of $79,411 which includes the product and installation, according to city administrator Wes Blecke.

“So, there’ll be one tower with a tornado slide I call it and then I think three additional slides coming off of it,” said Blecke. “So, you’re going to have four slides on this one piece of equipment.”

City of Wayne set aside $85,000 for the project as three companies submitted their proposals for quality, quantity, fun factor and time frame. The basketball area would be moved to another location at Sunnyview Park as the current old slide and the yellow spinner equipment will be removed.

Work on the new playground area will take place during September and October as City staff will take care of the border and wood chipping around the equipment.

Council also voted 5-1 (two councilmembers absent) to accept a bid and award a contract with Kay Contracting, Inc. for the “Wayne State College Foundation Alumni House Sanitary Sewer Service Line Project”. There was a break on the lift station a couple months ago on the Wayne State College campus on Walnut Street that in the past has served multiple houses but now is only being used by the Alumni House.

The City of Wayne has to provide sewer to the house and Blecke talked about the options.

“We could of have fixed the lift station for thousands of dollars and still had a lift station to deal with or we could run a gravity fed sewer line someplace else,” Blecke added. “So, that’s what we chose to do at least go out for bids for.”

The price that was approved was $17,585 with work to be complete by August 10 before college resumes. It’s almost 400 feet to the nearest sewer and about 20 feet deep in some places as another discussion item that was brought up was installing a mini-lift station.

Council approved the purchase of a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD pick-up truck for the Streets Department through Quality Auto Sales for $29,499. Joel Hansen, street and planning director had $28,800 in budget for the vehicle as it would replace the blue electric car that he’s been using to travel to job sites. City staff also have a 2009 charger with 70,000 miles that was supposed to be a police cruiser as the City of Wayne will look to sell one or the other.

Council also tabled three ordinances pertaining to truck parking on city streets to consider more options and have council look over it more.

For the time being Wayne City Council meetings will remain open to the public both in-person and virtually through Zoom. The online option is good for those to spectate the meeting but council prefers if anyone needs to address an issue, they attend the meeting. Council will also discuss more about possibly moving back to the council chambers inside the City Hall during their next meeting in two weeks.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 21 at 5:30 p.m. from the Wayne Fire Hall. The meeting will also feature a budget work session that will be split up between the next two meetings (7/21 & 8/4) where department heads will submit written information and present their budget to the council while being on hand to answer any questions.