Summit Carbon Solutions Answer More Questions, Truck Tractor Bids Accepted

WAYNE – Board of Commissioners in Wayne County received bids on new truck tractors and heard more information on a summit project.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, Dawn Duffy led the Board of Equalization portion of the meeting before moving into the Board of Commissioners meeting.

An update was scheduled to be provided on Caterpillar equipment by Randy Hale but was withdrawn from the agenda.

Grant Terry then spoke on behalf of Debbie Borg with an update and answered questions concerning the Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 capture, pipeline and sequestration project.

Roughly 2,000 miles across five states would cover 80 counties and tie into several ethanol plants to reduce the carbon score. Roughly 22 miles would go through Wayne County as an updated map was being sent to the Board of Commissioners.

Terry, the Senior Project Manager at Summit Carbon Solutions stated if a farmer/landowner doesn’t sign the agreement, the company will look to change their route. In the process of working in all five states, Summit Carbon Solutions has concurred just under $100 million in construction due to re-routes.

Their goal is to take pollution out of the air as this is another solution to explore.

Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey brought forth information on county bridge match projects (CBMP). The CBMP #6 project had its agreement signed being box culverts in conjunction with Cedar County while CBMP #5 was being awarded and approved. Casey will also be going over updated load ratings for bridges.

During the bid opening on new truck tractors, two bids were received. Custom Body Company put in a bid for one 2022 Kenworth which is on the ground and just needs a few adjustments within a month while up to three 2022 Internationals were being offered by Cornhusker International with other options and be delivered at the earliest of this November.

Commissioners will go over the bids further and award a contract later this month during the next meeting.

A resolution was adopted and approved for the execution of the agreement to tie-out and reset land monuments for Project No.STP-98-5 (106). The county surveyor will set the monuments and re-set them from the Hwy 81/98 junction to N-35 as the county will be reimbursed for their work.

Commissioner Dean Burbach touched on the subject to modify the part-time employee benefits. Currently two employees work 32 hours and are taking the cash-in-lieu package while full-time courthouse employees are working 37.5 hours a week. The minimum hours for the insurance policy is 30 hours as commissioners made comments of part-time employees shouldn’t be getting full-time benefits.

Following the election, the personnel policy will be addressed as several concerns arise when shifting from full-time to part-time hours and benefits.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, April 19 at 9 a.m.