Student Artist-Teachers Put Together Exhibit Following Fall Semester

WAYNE – A current art exhibit featuring work from Wayne State College students is currently on display with a closing reception scheduled for mid-January.

According to a release from WSC, this exhibit has been created by students in Dr. Carolyn Albracht’s Art 316 course, Secondary School Art. This display is being held at Ekeko Galleries in Wayne.

This is a demonstration of the groups learning in the course during this past semester. Students were tasked with creating an exhibit in a public space to communicate with a wider audience than is typically possible inside the classroom walls.

The closing reception on Wednesday, January 19 will last from 5 – 6 p.m. This will be a time to meet and talk to the student artist-teachers.

The public is invited and encouraged to visit the exhibit at Ekeko Galleries, 110 Main Street in Wayne. Gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday from 1-5 p.m. The exhibit includes an interactive component in which visitors are invited to add their ideas to a “Experimentation” section.

The six students are Culleen Cerv (Bancroft and Clarkson); Courtney Dahlberg (Thedford); Stacy Long (Pender); Cheyenne Mangus (Albion and Stanton); Abby Olson (Broken Bow); and Rob Van Heufeln (Grand Island).

In addition to selecting artworks created for various assignments during the semester, students also elected to include photographs of two teaching experiences they had with area high school students. These included a sidewalk chalk mural lesson with Wakefield High School students and unit plans they taught to Wayne High School students.

The student artist-teachers also wrote additional labels to further enlighten their audience about their learning throughout the various units of the course.

In their statements of learning, they expressed ideas, such as “teaching is a balancing act” (Dahlberg), “exposure to actual teaching gives me a lot of perspective” (Van Heufeln), and “I have realized the kind of teacher I do not want to be, and the kind of teacher I should strive to be.” (Cerv).

For more information about the exhibit, contact Dr. Carolyn Albracht, Associate Professor of Art Education, ( or 402-454-5144). For information regarding Ekeko Galleries, contact Dr. Mytzy Rodriguez-Kufner ( or 408-518-8329).