Strategic Planning Presentation, Resignations Addressed During School Board Meeting

WAYNE – A special meeting was held Wednesday evening for Wayne Community Schools Board of Education members to hear a presentation along with four resignations.

From the Jr/Sr High School conference room (room 202), Marcia Herring, Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB) Director of Board Leadership provided a strategic planning presentation.

Superintendent, Dr. Mark Lenihan said the presentation was about long-range planning.

“The board is looking at that and just considering what we might want to do in the future,” said Dr. Lenihan. “In terms of any type of long-range strategic plan that we might engage in and engage the community in.”

No formal action was made as the board just wanted to hear some information. The board will continue the conversation during their April board meeting.

Also, four resignations with regrets were approved.

They included Liz Garvin (third grade teacher), Joan Hansen (elementary library/media specialist), Sonya Tompkins (PT elementary art/high ability learner) and Rochelle Nelson (business manager).

The three teaching positions will take place at the end of the current school year while Nelson’s will be on June 30.

Dr. Lenihan added this is fairly typical this time of year as employee agreements are made as the board had conversations about filling the positions.

“We did look at the elementary teaching position and library/media specialist position that we plan on posting for those,” Dr. Lenihan added. “The half-time art and high ability learner position we’re not going to post at this time and then the business manager we really didn’t talk about moving forward in the future just because that is later in June that that resignation will take place.”

The school nurse, Carolyn Harder also informed the school that she’ll be resigning as the board talked more about posting for that position and to start looking to fill.

Aaron Carlson was also hired as the K-6 Physical Education Teacher along with taking over as the head girls basketball coach and being an assistant on the football staff. He previously coached football and basketball at Wayne High and did his student teaching in Wayne prior to being hired at David City Public Schools.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, April 12.