Stool To Cool Committee Presents Initial Design Of Recreational Development Master Plan, Written Comments Received

WAYNE – A proposed draft of lake development for the City of Wayne was put on full display for those who attended Tuesday night’s open house.

From the Wayne Community Activity Center, the Stool to Cool Committee showcased their design of the recreational development master plan which is located around the Summer Sports Complex, Rugby Park and Dog Park area in the southeast quadrant of town.

The committee hired Olsson Associates for landscape architectural work and were available to answer questions from the public while receiving written comment on the proposed design.

Terri Buck, Ward 1 Council Member and Stool to Cool Committee member talked about the main highlights from the initial plan if you would come in on Fairgrounds Avenue.

“Right to your slight right is going to be a four-acre lake,” said Buck. “To the south of that there’ll be some RV parking for people that are just traveling through or maybe perhaps attending a softball or baseball tournament down at the sports complex. To the north of the lake you’ll have kind of a pavillion/amphitheatre area that will oversee the soccer fields and open greens space; that can be multi-purpose area.”

The plans also feature additional ball fields to the north of the current sports complex as the current dog park will also not change. The hope is to also construct a new park and rec building in the new area.

Tuesday’s open house allowed community members to come out and ask questions while seeing the design in person.

The Stool to Committee was formed around a year ago and is made of up Jason Karsky, Nick Muir, Jill Brodersen, Buck, Wes Blecke, Joel Hansen, Lowell Heggemeyer and Casey Junck.

Buck added she was at Ace Hardware & Home about a year ago asking for public comment.

“We put the survey out there online as well and from that generated survey comments,” Buck added. “We kind of looked at those and we said ‘okay this is what the community kind of wants’. So, pretty much at that point we started working with Olsson Engineering on kind of a design and floor plan.”

After presenting four concepts to Olsson,  the committee received the design back and were at a loss of words.

“We want to have this done yesterday,” Buck mentioned. “Having the open house tonight (Tuesday) is opening up just additional comments and input from the community. It’s not to say it’s going to happen, it’s not to say that what’s on the plan is going to happen either. But with everything else that you do, money comes down to the question, too.”

Once the final approval for the Redevelopment Plan, totaling $4.88 million in TIF would be approved for R. Perry Construction, roughly $2.2 million will be reserved for lake development.

Within the next month the Stool to Committee will present a floor plan to city council which would receive approval or denial before moving further along in the process.

For those who were unable to attend Tuesday night’s open house, reach out to your council member or any of the Stool to Cool members to gather more information about the initial design.