State Troopers In Nebraska, Iowa To Plan Additional Campaigns Around High-Volume Travel Periods

LINCOLN – After statewide numbers were released over a two-week period from Nebraska State Patrol officials, the NSP partnered with the Iowa State Patrol this past weekend.

According to a release from the NSP, the cooperative effort focused on two high-travel dates during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The campaign included high-visibility enforcement on major highways in both states.

The Iowa State Patrol values their partnership with the Nebraska State Patrol and through their cooperation, will remain focused on reducing traffic related injuries and preventable deaths in the Midwest.

NSP officials stated public safety is a team effort, but they also encourage the motoring public to join the effort by driving safely no matter where you are.

During the campaign, which included the high-traffic dates of Wednesday, November 25 and Sunday, November 29, troopers patrolled roadways in northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska. In total, troopers made more than 300 contacts with motorists, including 12 motorist assists and two crash responses.

Troopers in both states issued 104 citations for speeding and 11 citations for seat belt violations. Troopers also arrested three people for driving under the influence.

NSP and ISP plan additional campaigns around high-volume travel periods. Motorists can reach the Highway Helpline in either state by calling *55 from a cell phone or 800-525-5555 from any phone.