State Senators Prepare For Full-Week Of Hearings In Late January, Senator Albrecht Provides Weekly Update

WAYNE – As week two of the Legislative session concluded last week with a full day of debate, a northeast Nebraska senator shared her weekly update.

According to a release from the office of District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht, she was able to honor Allen Beerman by introducing LR293. All 49 senators signed the resolution as Mr. Beerman, who recently turned 80, grew up in Dakota county.

Another bill recently introduced by Senator Albrecht was Legislative Bill 768. LB768 represents the annual Legislative update which harmonizes Nebraska law with federal regulations by adopting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Material Regulations current as of January 1, 2019.

As the first three days of last week were short sessions, the Legislature went to full days and debated two carryover priority bills, LBs 147 and 153.

LB153 advanced to Select File on a vote of 43-0 and is a bill that exempts from income tax 50% of military retirement benefits. LB147 also had first round debate but without advancing to Select File. This bill would allow for educators to physically intervene and remove a student from the room if a student is acting violent in order to maintain safety and order in the classroom.

Also, there were a number of other carryover bills that were advanced out of Committee in the 2019 Session and were debated for the first time. Several were advanced to Select File to receive additional debate.

Committee hearings on newly introduced bills also began Tuesday as these schedules can be viewed by clicking on the link to Hearing Schedules at As a reminder, letters for the record needs to be received by the Committee by 5:00 pm. the day before the hearing. If you decide to come to Lincoln to testify at a hearing, make sure to let the senators know you are coming and if you like, come before lunch to see your Legislature in action.

Chief Justice Heavican delivered the Nebraska State of Judiciary Address to the Legislature Wednesday while Thursday will be the last day to introduce new bills for consideration in the Legislative Session.

Contact the office of Senator Joni Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email