State Patrol To Alter Fingerprinting Services

LINCOLN – Through late May and in accordance with the State of Emergency declared by Governor Pete Ricketts along with guidelines from federal and local health officials regarding social distancing, the Nebraska State Patrol has prioritized some specific fingerprinting services.

According to a release from the state patrol, these services will remain in place through Friday, May 22 and appointments will be available for all categories beginning Tuesday, May 26.

Between now and May 22, fingerprinting appointments will be available for those who are required to be fingerprinted under the Sex Offender Registration Act, including federal sex offender regulations; concealed handgun permit applicants; concealed handgun permit renewal applicants who are unable to renew online; law enforcement officers as well as healthcare, daycare and other essential personnel not covered by an Executive Order.

These appointments must be made in advance and will include extra precautions.

Nebraskans who fit any of those categories can call the NSP Criminal Identification Division office in Lincoln at 402-479-4971 to schedule appointments, regardless of your location in Nebraska. Renewals or changes to existing CHPs, such as updating a name or mailing address, can still be completed online at

Pursuant to Executive Orders 20-08 and 20-10 regarding healthcare workers and daycare providers, work may begin prior to completion of an FBI fingerprint-based background check. Those who are covered by an Executive Order should schedule that required fingerprint-based background check for after May 26, 2020.

Other persons required to be fingerprinted for employment purposes, such as law enforcement, healthcare/daycare providers not covered by an Executive Order, or other essential personnel who are not subject to an Executive Order amending timeline requirements, should call 402-479-4971 for scheduling options.

The unavailability of fingerprinting appointments at NSP does not interfere with an employer’s ability to conduct the background checks that are still required during this time.