Stanton County Commissioner Recount Results

STANTON – A recount in the Stanton County District One Commissioner election yields the exact same results as the initial balloting.

Doug Huttmann of Norfolk was officially named the District One Commissioner after the recount Friday morning, which was requested by election runner-up Zygmunt Orlowski. Orlowski was required to pay for the recount due to the race not being close enough to mandate one.

For Huttmann, it is his first political office, and he has a few ideas on what he would like to see done to improve Stanton County.

“I would like to see a lot more economic growth. Me as a taxpayer, I don’t like paying higher taxes. I don’t see anybody that likes paying taxes, so if we can get economic growth in Stanton County, that means we hopefully can lower the levies so that nobody has to pay more. We can get more tax money in through more people instead of less people paying more,” Huttman said.

Barring a successful write-in campaign, Huttmann will officially take office in November after the general election.